Who is the Skipper?

The Skipper is well traveled. He’s explored the seven seas and unearthed priceless treasures. He’s tasted the world’s finest cocktails and cultures and is honored to share them with you. He has some hidden secrets, if you dare to find them …


When the Skipper is a kid, he looks up to his hero, Donn Beach — American adventurer, businessman, and World War II veteran, married three times. When Prohibition ends in 1933 Donn Beach opens an extraordinary bar in Hollywood called “Don The Beachcomber,” the first prototypical tiki bar, launching a worldwide Tiki Culture.


Tiki Culture blossoms with adventurous themes including, but not limited to, Polynesian Culture, South American exotics, the West Indies freedom, and Hawaiian paradise.  Tiki Bars were viewed as an escape for elite Americans; upscale, comfortable, and exclusive. An early motto for the bars was “If you can’t get to paradise, I’ll bring it to you!”


“Beach’s restaurant was popular with Hollywood actors, some of which became frequent customers and friends.  A book written about Beach mentions stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and Vivien Leigh.”


Passing sentiment down to generations, The Tipsy Skipper embraces the integrity of the origin of Tiki Culture once very loved by our parents and grandparents. Almost 100 years later, the inspiration and adventure still shines strong within us. We’ve always loved our grandparents’ stories about their drinking culture and which experiences they loved the most. There is a passionate sense of nostalgia The Tipsy Skipper aims to recreate, married with the influence of cocktail culture we loved growing up.


Today, many traditional Tiki Cocktail Recipes remain popular, Pearl DiverCobra’s FangZombieThree Dots and a Dash, and of course, the Mai Tai.

The Tipsy Skipper aims to be one of Florida’s best craft cocktail bars. Located in the heart of horse country (downtown Ocala, FL), The Tipsy Skipper is a boutique tiki-themed upscale lounge featuring rotating and seasonal handcrafted cocktails along with secret menu items hidden throughout the town.


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Voicemail — (352) 282-0377


Sunday — Wednesday: 4pm • 12am
Thursday — Saturday: 4pm • 2am